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How exactly can you benefit from fleet management for industrial vehicles and why should you join in? These and other questions are answered in our short animation. Quick, clear and to the point:



OptaFleet Fleet Management

Manage Your Fleet Anywhere & Anytime

A modular brand independent system developed to meet the stringent demands of industrial environments that helps to ensure safety on the workfloor, provide real-time management information and reduce the total cost of ownership of industrial vehicle fleets. 

Key Benefits



  • Reduced damages to vehicles and other property
  • Improved control of vehicle utilisation
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Real time fleet information available anywhere and anytime
  • Flexible event detection possibilities
  • Tailormade detailed reporting possibilities

Key Features



  • Suited for mixed vehicle fleets independent of make, type and drive
  • Software and hardware modularity
  • Driver access to prevent unauthorised usage
  • Flexible hour meter configuration
  • User friendly web application
  • Intelligent impact sensor for collission detection
  • Data export possibility for use in ERP
  • Real time notification messaging
  • Track & Trace
  • Vehicle CAN capability
  • CE approved and robust hardware (IP67)


OptaFleet Industrial applications

Through a modular setup of the hardware and software the OptaFleet system is suited to work on industrial vehicles of every make, model and drive type. From warehouse forklift trucks to heavy construction equipment OptaFleet offers a broad range of possibilities to manage industrial vehicle fleets. Access control, flexible event detection possibilities and wireless bi-directional communication are some of the key features of this newly developed fleet management system.

Reduzierung der Betriebskosten
Management des Fuhrparks in Echtzeit

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